December 2012 Prizes!

Happy New Year to all our ASR League members and  contributors! We couldn’t do it without you! Heck, I have the suspicion that the only reason the world didn’t end last year was that we were just too awesome.  I think we should reward this awesomeness with some good prizes ^^

A big huge thank to all the contributors who have donated prizes. Y’all totally rock!

Anyway,  let’s get down to business.

Alpha Prizes:

  1. First and second place: kabradarf and chemboy613 – one month of access to the Insei League thanks to Alexander Dinerchstein.
  2. Third and Fourth Place: compgo74 and sita – teaching game with Sandmann
  3. Fifth and Sixth:  twisted and hernan1987 both get one audio go lesson.

Beta Prizes:

Mw42 and nh3ch2cooh reached first place in their class and won two weeks of KGS+ thanks to KGS.


Gamma Prizes:

Tilwen,  mdm, oldyew and faceless1 all win two weeks of KGS+ thanks to KGS.

Delta Prizes:

Novus at first place for a teaching game with compgo74. Novus played 68 games, which is more than two games each day!



Activity Prizes:


  • Alpha/Beta Challenge: Combined activity of alpha and beta reached 86.2 % (players with four or more games), which sadly did not qualify us for the challenge prize ( ASR sponsored lecture by Cornel Burzo). Let’s try to make it this month! We did it in November, we should be able to repeat this. Come on, play play play!
  • Most Active Players: bengozen and leaves  with 29 games ! Bengozen wins a teaching game with whuang. Leaves wins a game review by sita.
  • Most Active Kyu Player: Saqua with 28 games!  He wins one audiogolesson
  • Kyu player with the best result (minimum 15 games) : lowlander, for one audiogolesson.
  • Kyu player with the worst result (minimum 15 games):  rafannabis, great fighting spirit! He wins a teaching game with bolko.



Everyone play and have fun in January. And we would love more donations, especially teaching games. Even if you think you are weak, you can teach someone who is a couple of stones weaker than  you! Teaching games really fit in the spirit of our League.  So don’t hesitate, pm NannyOgg right now and tell her you will donate a teaching game for the next month! It gives you many good karma points.

Please claim your prizes within two months.


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