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ASR lecture – “Nadare joseki” by Cornel Burzo (6 Dan)

ASR teacher: Cornel G. Burzo, 6 dan (EGF) 
topic: Nadare or small avalanche joseki
format: text based (chat)
length (playtime): n.n.
event: Alpha & Beta league
date: 30th December 2012
place: KGS Go server3 times national GO Champion in row (2014-2016)

Here you will find a complete lecture about nadare joseki (or small avalanch) by a strong Romanian player; Cornel Burzo, 6 dan EGF. He goes into numerous variations and explains in details all of them to help you master one of the most complex joseki that exists. The best way to study this lecture is going back to it from time to time as it is very dense. from 10k to 4d. Have fun studying !


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