alpha+beta challenge

In the league alpha and beta are the highest and most active in the entire league, after all they have been promoted a multitude of times. Lately we see that there is a bit less active players in those classes so we want to give a little more incentive to get players more active.

The challenge

achieve 90% or more activity in alpha and beta. An active player has played 4 or more games. 90% means that there can only be a maximum of 5 dropouts in total among all the classes.

If the challenge has been reached the ASR will reward everyone with a free public lecture by top european player Cornel Burzo!

Taking a break

I would like to take the opportunity to tell about a somewhat unsused possibility in the ASR and how to use this.
If you are in alpha or beta you can make use of the ability to take a month off and still be in the league. We do this for a couple of reasons:

  • Everyone needs a little break now and then
  • being dead weight in your class is bad for the other players, they have less chances to play league games.
  • Give other players the opportunity to play actively in the highest classes

So how do you take a break? Inform an admin that you want to take a break. Keep in mind that it has the following rules:

  • You will be treated as the lowest active person in your class so you will be demoted 1 class per month.
  • You will not be visible on the league results during the month you take a break
  • You will be placed in a class on top of the standard size.

For example:

You play in alpha and will not be demoted next month. You take a break for 1 month. the next month you will not appear on the results and not be able to play league games(you should be listed in alpha). After your break month is over you will be placed back in a beta class.



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