Big news!

First the minor but not necessarily less important one: our likeable fellow and admin MrZNF has decided to quit as an admin. We want to thank him for his efforts and wish him the best of luck in his go career!

Now to the major change: somehow it felt like there were not enough admins online to be available to you, the members. We hope it was not too bad to you and would like to announce that we have added not one, not two, not three, not four but five (!!!) new admins to our admin team. We would like to thank everyone who offered us their participation and sent they applications. Surely we had to take our time to think about our pick and after pondering about who it should be, we chose the following:

Gleek / JustForFun
Gleek is an american admin-heavyweight – he is also a KGS admin!

 – hailthorn
A very young new admin from the states. Hopefully not as thorny as young.

 – nukeu666
Our first admin from India! Yummy indian cuisine…

 – davy014
Probably another admin-heavyweight – no championships between Gleek and him intended.

 – goatsunday
Now don’t get confused by the name he probably won’t be online only on sundays.

We hope to have a lot more presence on KGS to help you out on your issues. As always, feel free to ask questions especially to our new admins to get them involved to the hard ASR-admin-world. The profiles of the new admins will follow soon so you will get to know them better.

Happy ASRing!

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