ASR league 2011 winter tournament!

Dear ASR tournament players, today, 1 february 2011, we kick off the winter tournament! Our great programmer frango has made a special site for the tournament (which is still not completely done but it will be:)) which you can find here. (link)

I want to stress very much you abide ALL the rules in the tournament, because if you mess up 1 setting or don’t say “ASR tournament” BOTH, it will not register as a tournament game!

You can find your pairing for the first round on the site so go there and get cracking!

It’s nice to use this thread (link) to post when you’re going to play so we can watch if we want to:)

The first round lasts until the 14th, the 15th we will start the next round so finish BEFORE then!
If you havent played one of the players has to resign from the tournament BEFORE the next round or BOTH players will be eliminated.

I wish you all the luck and have fun in the tournament!

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