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ASR short lecture – “Middle Game Joseki” with Shawn Ray (4D)

Teacher: Shawn Ray (4 Dan)

Topic: Middle Game Joseki

Date: January 3rd, 2011

The 2nd part of ASR short lecture series with Shawn Ray (aka Clossius) where he explains in details one classic middle game joseki that often appears. A must-know pattern to all who expect to become stronger in Go.

From 30k to 5k.

Have fun studying !

5 thoughts on “ASR short lecture – “Middle Game Joseki” with Shawn Ray (4D)

  1. hehe its a good video, you might also want to slow down a bit or repeat key phrases so viewers really get it next time:)

  2. Explanation are better than the first video 😉 keep it on 🙂

    But try to calm down and prevent to strike stones lol :p

    I’ve just a question 😡 , what about an underneath connection for black ? :$

  3. Ok 😡

    I thought Black could maybe cut somewhere if white kosumi after the underneath attempt 😡


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