Holiday greetings

The last few days of the year are ticking away so it’s good to look back on what happened this year.

January started off with 126 players which played 418 games. vortex won that month with a whopping 14/0.
from February to may the league had different class sizes and names with a game limit of 1. league was about 120 ppl big every month and of course not a lot of games were played due to the limit.
in may CGBspender, who had been managing the league suddenly disappeared a few months and I (stalkor) took over the league and introduced the pyramid system in June.
From June onwards the league grew every month with a record setting 1029 games in august which was broken in November(1218) and is in December with a week to go already broken and at 1346 games at the moment i’m writing this.
We had a great sponsor who sponsored us 3 amazing prizes for the Korean insei league and we thank you for making this possible!

In November the league began a special class, the superclass! though it had a slow start the end of the month had a rush of games and superclass games are played more regularly now with even a 100 dollar prize for the winner!

The league has grown to 353 players and were confident we are going to grow even more over the coming time, so thank you all for making this league one of the greatest places on KGS.

We, the admin team, wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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