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ASR short lecture – “Unimportant stones” with Shawn Ray (4D)

Teacher: Shawn Ray (4 Dan)

Topic: Unimportant stones

Date: December 21st, 2010

The 1st part of ASR short lecture series with Shawn Ray (aka Clossius) where he teaches the importance of stones. You will learn when you can ignore and take sente and how to get better shapes. From 20k to 5k.

Have fun studying Go !

Pls take notice of the licence contract first before you use the teaching. – Tks giving attention and for following.

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2 thoughts on “ASR short lecture – “Unimportant stones” with Shawn Ray (4D)

  1. Too much background noise. Maybe some soft muzak in the background.
    Some other examples may be good too. Just do a few takes and splice them all together.

    Less ‘umm’ and ‘uhh’. A little bit more planning on what you have to say.

    Great topic. Well explained and reviewed.

    7/10 good buddy!


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