july ends with a bang, the august monster begins

The last day of the league was thrilling yet again. Many players wanted to prevent being demoted or needed those last games to stay in the league.

In the end Agzam again prevailed as winner of alpha league, kicking fairgo1 off the number 1 spot at the very last moment!

So july ends and august begins, but with a change. because of many inactive players this month i didn’t have enough players to make another delta league, instead we have a monster gamma:)

Another change is the pasky prize. Pasky stopped sponsoring the pasky prize and thus i will make it a bit harder to win it:)
You are eligable for the pasky prize if you play at least 25 games AND played all players in your class or all but one. Only one player can win it so its another fight for the most games:)

July winners:
Alpha: Agzam (teaching game with tabemasu)
Beta I: fengytreon (1 month of atsumi go school)
Beta II: ktylxy (1 month of atsumi go school)
Gamma I: elvard (Teaching game with raptor)
Gamma II: gaechka (Teaching game with oki1min)
Gamma III: valerious (Teaching game with Vortex)
Gamma IV: lailaihei(Teaching game with MrZNF)

Delta I: latias
Delta II: taiji
Delta III: sheeryjay
Delta IV: makethenub

No prizes for delta due to lack of volunteers…sorry =(

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