Exciting new prizes!!

I have some great new prizes for the upcoming months!

October, November and December will have the following prizes:

  • 1st place in Alpha class gets 3 months of Breakfast’s Korean Insei League
  • 2nd and 3rd place in Alpha league gets 3 months of access to the Korean Insei League room and get access to all their lectures and stuff

Awesome right??!! BUT! there is a catch!

  • You can’t win the top prize if you are a current member of the Korean Insei League.
  • If you win both prizes (full access and view access) your prizes will run concurrently. That means your view access might run out, but you will still have full access from winning the top prize.

This is BY FAR the biggest prize the ASR league has ever seen!!! So get playing for those prizes!!

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