ASR school project

yesterday i started a new project, the ASR school!

i would like to have your input on what you would like to see in the ASR school.

I want to give a heads up this will not be a free school.

The idea i have is this:
You make an account where you put credit on. You can use these credits to participate in events hosted by teachers.

Events are:

  • Offline review
  • Group teaching game
  • Teaching game
  • Tournament, and maybe more.

Each event will cost a different amount of credits depending on who is teaching and what kind of event it is.
Also we will have free events to promote the ASR school project.

3 thoughts on “ASR school project

  1. 🙂
    I guess it will thru Kgs….or as a conference?
    think ppl would like to know in advance, before signing up, how many “credits” a game review costs or a teaching….
    Hope it is a great success!!!

    • it depends on the teacher how much something will cost. i think a high dan amateur wil charge a bit more then a low dan amateur. mrZNF for instance has told me that he will not charge for lessons until he reaches kgs 7d because he thinks he is not strong enough to ask for money. Tabemasu costs money most probably. he already asks 12 dollars (10 euros approx) per teaching game.

  2. It could be nice if for like one buck, you have 2-3 lesson on theorical stuff like direction of play. These lessons could written or audio.


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