July league delta layer promotions

Because july league has 4 delta classes instead of 8 there will be a difference in promotions. normally only the top 2 of each class promote to a higher layer. but this month the top 4 players of each delta class will promote to gamma!

Also on a small note: i made a mistake in the alpha league. the result is that only 13 players are left in alpha league instead of 14. there will be an extra promotion in the beta layer to make up the difference:)

Thats my rant for today! (btw did you guys know you can comment on each post?)

4 thoughts on “July league delta layer promotions

    • hehe no jenj thats too much work so ill just leave it at 13:) besides league is already going so changing it now so radically would be too late

  1. Really like the extra promotion in beta class and about delta class, 4 promotions will surely help to balance strength within layers. Well done!
    First comment is made now everyone else go ahead. 😉


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