end of june league beginning of a new month!

The june league has come to a spectacular end where in the last few days about 75 games were played!!

in the end these were the winners:
Alpha: Agzam (teaching game with tabemasu)
Beta I: vad (1 month of atsumi go school)
Beta II: stalkor (1 month of atsumi go school)
Gamma I: thinking (Teaching game with CGBspender)
Gamma II: germoe (Teaching game with MrZNF)
Gamma III: takimme (Teaching game with Vortex)
Gamma IV: asm (Teaching game with Vortex)

asm played a whopping total of 43 games and deserves his pasky prize of 3 audiogolessons.

So now the new month has finally started and it already consists of 150 people!

enjoy this months league!

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