About how i make a new league

I’ve had some questions about how i go about making a new league. Ill explain the steps i take so it’s more clear on how i do it:

  • First off i kick everyone out of the league who has not played enough games during that month, except for those who have stated they want to stay in the league.
  • After that i demote and promote alpha and beta layer. If places are still open in Alpha layer i fill them up with the highest placed players in BETA. This way demoters stay demoted. note that i only demote less players from beta if i dont have enough players to promote to alpha. Also i mix the players that stay in the layers up so they dont keep playing the same people over and over again.
  • I continue doing this to the lower layers until all classes have had promotions/demotions.
  • Now i insert the new players on the waitinglist at the bottom of the league. I seed the high ranked new players so classes stay more or less equally matched.

Well thats it, then we have a new league!

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