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After many tries, many websites, we finally opted to host it on a appropriate server. It will have more advantages than we used to have on others especially the numerous options we can access, the ease with which we will be able to edit, post news, and other things.

And who says “new website” means “new features”. And yes, we did prepare some new projects. Among those projects, the new pyramid-like structure, of course. It was implemented a few days ago, and I’m quite sure this will be proven a good structure. Let us wait and see !

About the new projects, I would like to mention a particularly interesting one to all league players, a project that we have been working on for a few days now and which will be fully ready in a couple of weeks : The creation of a teaching schedule.

Since the very beginning, when I – then helped by Stalkor, Vortex and Agzam, and others – started administrating the league, we have always tried to provide a nice and friendly structure, and whose major goal has always been to provide players what every go players want : TO LEARN.

So, today, many of the league players seem interested to teach, give lessons, lectures, review games. And it does seem that it will be very useful for many players. As a matter of fact, about 2/3 of the league players range from 9k to 3k, and those players know how hard it becomes to reach a higher level. On a parallel, all the others (dan players) remember how hard it was. Keeping this in mind, I have no doubt that the teaching schedule will be a successful project.

If you are interested in helping us provide some regular help about teaching, you can already contact me. There is no special requirement. If you are a kyu player and still want to help, you’re welcome to and can be seconded / work in team with a stronger player to teach.

Please keep in mind that this project will live long only if players are invested in it. And not just the teachers. If there are no players to attend the lessons, there is no reason why we would keep them going. A word to the wise is enough !


Cgbspender / The admins


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